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by Hazel Hutchison

Henry James is famed for the psychological depth of his characters; for his remarkable ability to penetrate to the inner life. Yet the story of his own inner life remains curiously obscure. The best known facts about James - his illustrious, wealthy family and famous siblings; his prolific literary output with its numerous quirky female heroines; his long-term bachelorhood, and the rumours that accompanied it; and his flamboyant adoption of British citizenship in 1915 - have created a certain mythology surrounding the author. In this succinct new biography, Hazel Hutchison examines the man behind the writing. Exploring the author's life, works and critical heritage, Brief Lives: Henry James presents a fresh take on one of the central figures in the English canon - perfect for both the general reader and the James enthusiast.

Publication date: 24/02/2012

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