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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Foreword by Helen Dunmore

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Inspired by a feverish dream, Stevenson’s renowned horror fantasy is a glimpse into the darker side of all human beings. Dr. Henry Jekyll has been obsessed since early manhood by the uneasy duality of good and evil that he senses in himself and others, and is driven, to the dismay of his peers, to tamper with the mysterious, transcendental side of science. The respected doctor becomes inexplicably silent and reclusive, while, at the same time, the terrifying Mr. Edward Hyde begins to stalk the streets of London. At heart a chilling tale of the perils of ambition and hubris, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde reflects many of the preoccupations of Stevenson’s own Victorian milieu—the dangers of a morbidly repressive society and the post-Darwinian fear of man’s bestial nature. Scottish novelist and poet Robert Louis Stevenson is most famous for his classic adventure tales Treasure Island and Kidnapped.

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