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Memoirs of the Life of Monsieur de Voltaire

Memoirs of the Life of Monsieur de Voltaire

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Translated by Andrew Brown

Foreword by Ruth Scurr

Written in the tongue-in-cheek manner for which he was famous, Monsieur de Voltaire's memoirs reveal a new perspective on the international politics and history of the 18th century. Voltaire's role as acclaimed author, poet, dramatist, and philosopher led him to experience the personal attentions of the most illustrious men and women of his time. His irreverent, to say the least, portrayals of the leading figures of the day provide a hilarious portrait of the royal courts of Europe which fought over his services for almost 30 years. Only published posthumously, these memoirs relate and then commentate on literary accomplishments, historic fact, and salacious gossip alike.

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