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Memories: An Oasis in Time

Memories: An Oasis in Time

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by Kamel Abu Jaber

The story of Kamel Abu Jaber (1932-2020) is in some ways the story of the modern day Kingdom of Jordan. In this short and sweet collection of memories, Kamel recounts his tribal past, being a Christian Bedouin family, his childhood, seeking better opportunities in the United States, returning to his homeland to become head of many educational establishments and later a major political figure. Full of humour wit and wise andecdotes, Kamel takes you on his life’s unexpected journey with all its twists and turns. These stories were barely finished before his passing in 2020, and were published posthumously with a collection of photographs compiled by his wife Loretta Pacifico Abu Jaber.

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Publication date: 25/5/2023

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