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Prince Madog

Prince Madog

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A classic retelling of the legend of Prince Madog, the Welsh Prince who discovered the New World in 1170, three-hundred years before Columbus.

“Come listen to a tale of times of old, 
Come, for ye know me. I am he who sang 
The Maid of Arc, and I am he who framed 
Of Thalaba the wild and wondrous song. 
Come listen to my lay; and ye shall hear 
How Madoc from the shores of Britain spread 
The adventurous sail, explored the ocean-paths. 
And quelled barbarian power, and overthrew 
The bloody altars of idolatry.”

Robert Southey

Fairy tale or true story? Myth or history? Explore the enigmatic legend of Prince Madog, a subject of heated historical debate regarding whether the Welshman, Prince Madog, was indeed the first to discover the Americas. The foundation of this captivating legend lies in the Welsh account found in the Chronicle of Madog of Gwynedd, sourced from manuscripts preserved at the Abbeys of Strata Florida and Conway. In 1477, a remarkable fifteen years prior to Columbus embarking on his historic voyage, Sir Meredith ap Rhys penned a poetic tribute to Madog’s expedition.

Even Montezuma, when conversing with Cortez, alluded to the arrival of a mysterious nation "many years ago from across the seas," asserting that he and his chiefs traced their lineage to these foreign visitors.

Subsequent claims arose of Welsh American Indians, identified as Madagwys or Doags, characterized by fair complexions and a language akin to Welsh.

Against this backdrop of mythology, Joan Dane weaves a compelling narrative, resurrecting the fascinating story of Prince Madog and his purported journey to the Americas.

Hesperus Press is reprinting this classic tale of Prince Madog, that has been out of print since its publication in 1909.

Available as e-Book on: Kindle and Kobo


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