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By Dr. Kamel S. Abu Jaber (March 8 1932 - May 29 2020)

 Sheepland is a clever  satirical allegory with echoes of Orwell’s 1984 & Animal Farm , eerily depicting the current state of the world and warning of what may come.

A witty satire on contemporary societal structures brings with it the unmistakable truth that Sheepland is everywhere, even in the so-called developed world - and that the sheep, who have been systematically fleeced of their security and their autonomy deserve so much more.

Published 36 years later, the second edition includes his recent article, “Of Sheep and Shepherds in the Time of Trump”.

An internationally recognised scholar with an extensive political career, Dr. Kamel Abu Jaber has written many articles and books.

Among his most notable books: The Arab Ba’ath Party (1965) and The Palestinians: People of the Olive Tree (1993).

Click here to the link to Dr. Kamel S. Abu Jaber’s opening speech during the Madrid Conference in 1991 as Foreign Minister of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.


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