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by Giacomo Casanova

Tranlated by J.G. Nichols

Foreword by Tim Parks

Casanova, the Prince of Italian adventurers, is remembered as a libertine and rogue. Few know the true story of his remarkable life – and of the duel he once fought with a Polish Count.

 On the run from the Venetian authorities, Casanova was forced to become an exile. Far from destitute, however, his reputation afforded him shelter throughout Europe, and gained him entry into society’s highest circles. Yet there, he soon found himself implicated, insulted, and forced to enter a duel over a ballerina – a lady in whom neither he nor his Polish rival had the slightest interest. Describing the dramatic encounter and its surprising outcome with sardonic and even blasé humour, Casanova creates a work of thrilling adventure, and proves his literary prowess.

 Translated for the first time into English, this autobiographical novel is an important example of Casanova’s inimitable writing style. It is here presented with the corresponding extract from his memoirs, written some fifteen years later.

Publication date: 01/02/2003

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