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The Earth Turned Upside Down

The Earth Turned Upside Down

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by Jules Verne 

Translated by Sophie Lewis

Foreword by Ian Fells

This rare Verne story has all his hallmarks – technology far ahead of its time, political rivalries between Europe and the US, and a cliff-hanging plot. But it has modern significance too. It tells of a world in which energy shortages lead a group of Americans to devise a radical solution, for their own gain, which puts the whole earth at risk.

In one of his best-known books, From the Earth to the Moon, Jules Verne described how a group of men in The Gun Club of Baltimore used a giant cannon to send a spacecraft to the moon. Now, in this sequel, the gun is brought into use again to achieve an equally ambitious aim – to tilt the earth’s axis so that the North Pole is displaced to the Tropics. The plotters believe there are limitless resources of coal at the North Pole and their cunning plan will allow them to exploit these resources to become rich.

In spite of its disregard for anything approaching scientific plausibility, this enjoyable book has a modern resonance in a world where conserving energy is increasingly important, and where the dangers of climate change – one huge consequence if the Gun Club’s plot succeeds – are daily in the forefront of the news.

First English translation for more than a hundred years.

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Publication date: 29/06/2012

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