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by Robert Means Lawrence

Superstitions still have a firm hold in cultures all across the world and have inspired countless books and films across the ages. But where did so many of them come from and how do myths and beliefs differ from country to country? Publishing on Friday 13th, discover this 1899 gem full of interesting facts and packed with titbits. Find out why people throw salt over their shoulder, why you should never open a theatre on Friday in France and whether it is luckier to sneeze towards the left or the right. And why the number thirteen is considered so unlucky. Lawrence’s fascinating work traces the origins of common superstitions through time and civilisations, tracking how they evolved. Why not dip in and out and see how many have endured to the present day… You will finally be able to answer important questions such as whether a horseshoe on the door can protect you from plague. Why do people say ‘bless you’ when you sneeze? Or find out what condition can apparently be cured by putting salt in the hems of a young boy’s trousers and making him look up the chimney… Or you could even finally settle the question about whether black cats are good or bad luck!

Publication date: 13/03/2015

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