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The Wouldbegoods

The Wouldbegoods

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The Bastable children are up to yet more adventures in this sequel to The Story of the Treasure Seekers—a delightful classic that will charm children and adults alike
The Bastable children have been banished to the country in disgrace—following a particularly damaging reenaction of a jungle scene featuring expensive stuffed animals and a garden hose. The gang of six, Dora, Oswald, Dicky, Alice, Noel, and Horace Octavius (H.O.), decides to turn over a new leaf. Spurred on by Dora's urgings, the children found "The Society of the Wouldbegoods"—aiming to mend their ways by being good whenever possible. But the schemes they undertake to try to be good and make themselves useful never seem to quite go as planned. Even when they are attempting to be well behaved, they seem unable to endear themselves to adults, instead, among other things, they cause a fire, some flooding, get held hostage, and find time to purchase a pistol along the way. It seems that despite their best intentions, they are destined to leave a trail of destruction in their wake—and to be, frankly, naughty.

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