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by Lucia Penzo

Now a stunning major motion picture, Wakolda is a chilling and beautifully tense drama released in UK cinemas on the 8th August.

José is hiding a terrifying secret. A seeminly charming doctor, behind his cool exterior lies a calculating, sadistic character.

On the run from his native Germany, José finds himself in South America where he plans to continue with his secret genetic experimentation. But his vision is put on hold when he meets Lilith in a small run-down village. Although vivacious and beautifully blonde, she has a growth defect and, for José, represents all that he would like to exterminate from humankind. An anomaly amongst her perfect Aryan siblins, Lilith's existence intrigues him, and when he discoveres that her mother is pregnant again, potenitally with twins, the temptation to meddle in their lives and test his medical theories is strong. Dark times lie ahead for Lilith and with few places to turn to for comfort, she clings ever tighter to her mysterious doll Wakolda.

And so begins a dark relationship between the doctor and little girl, the kind of love that simply cannot end well - for José is concealing the fact that he is the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele, infamous for performing experiments on humans in Auschqitz. And sooner or later is past is going to catch up with him.

Publication date: 01/08/2014

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