• The God Give My Donkey Wings

    A whimsical and poetic tale of a packman and his donkey journeying through land and life.

    Expected release date September 2024

  • The Green Graves of Balgowrie

    A charming yet melancholic tale set in rural Scotland in the 18th century about the life history of two sisters, Henrietta and Lucie, brought up in a secluded mansion by a strangely inhuman mother.

    Expected release date August 2024

  • Prince Madog

    A classic retelling of the legend of Prince Madog, the Welsh Prince who discovered the New World in 1170, three-hundred years before Columbus.

    Expected release date July 2024

  • The Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun

    First published in 1668, it is one of the first fictional epistolary novels that inspired many to come in French literature, such asDangerous Liaisonsby Pierre Choderlos de Laclos and Julie by Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

    Release date: June 2024

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